About Adenima

The Story so far

Adenima is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer rooted in Stockholm. His ambient world music consists of an unique sound palette which evokes feelings of tranquility, balance and harmony.

He is determined to push the limits of music revolving around the instrument called “Handpan”, by fusing mindfulness based practices with his passion for many different music traditions.

Adenima’s delicate handpan rhythms and peaceful melodies are sometimes weaved together with elements such as voice, woodwind, shamanic drums, synths and more, to create each track with its own sense of atmosphere and emotion.

With over 14 years of experience as a DJ, as well as growing up with classically trained parents, Adenima has a warm-hearted and playful approach to handpan. It is well reflected in his ability to write fully improvised tracks while recording, such as “Ethereal Light ” in his album “Ancestral Elements ”.

Adenima playing handpan in forest
the music studio of Adenima

Creating soundscapes

After a lifetime of musical experiences Adenima has found his home within the vast world of sound and production.

Not only producing tracks of his own in assortment of ways but also offering guidance and expertise to others.

If you are interested in working with Adenima as an Artist, Producer or Sound Engineer feel free to reach out and contact him.

Available for freelance work, including writing original music and handpan recording with professional quality. Delivered ready to be used in your medium of choice, such as commercials, games and movies.